December 12th, 2011

angry, Buttercup

Who invented the female reproductive system?

I'm trying to work. My possible ovarian cyst is hurting like holy hell again. Why is it such a git? Haven't received any letters about it yet, so no sign of when I'm going to get a scan done. And, to add further insult, the cervical smear test I had done was "unreadable" and I have to go again in January. ARGH!

I seriously think the number of women I know who have problems at some point during menstruation and/or reproduction far exceeds the number of women I know whose girly bits do everything they should & nothing they shouldn't for forty years. (Honestly, I think I know one woman who has no pain at all during periods, had a comfortable pregnancy, and gave birth easily. I'm sure that everyone else I know has had problems with at least one of those three).

I swear the whole female reproductive system is badly designed.
pokemon scientist

Officially boggled.

A question for you at 4.30am:

Why on earth is the compound with formula Na2S2O4 called sodium HYDROsulfite when there's no sign of hydrogen anywhere near it? (It's also called sodium dithionate and sodium sulfoxylate, both of which are more sensible names). I'd think it was a typo for sodium hyposulfite if it wasn't so damned prevalent on the web. But sodium hyposulfite appears to be an old name for sodium thiosulphate, Na2S2O3.

Damn you, atoms with too many oxidation states for sensible names to work! (See also: nitrogen).