December 13th, 2011

face only, scary

Snippets from this evening.

'Cos three things make a post, right? (This is actually four).

[21:41] My ovary (or whatever) is really flippin' hurting again. I want to know when i'm supposed to be getting it scanned.

[22:53] I used the Hyperbole & a Half Pain Scale to determine if I needed to take my ovary to hospital. I decided it was about a "5", as in "Why is this happening to me??". It's not time to get it prodded in A&E until it's up to a 6 or 7 (I'm pretty sure I have to be crying with pain before it's worth going to the hospital in the middle of the night). I seriously need to chase up that scan though.

[01:49] I don't mind molecules with a whole load of different names, but it gets positively insulting when there are a whole load of NUMBERING schemes. Geldanamycin is case in point - what IUPAC thinks is carbon 19 is what people using the old/ biochemistry/ natural product name think is carbon 17. Given that the IUPAC name is hideous then referring to it as geldanamycin makes sense - but it gets ever so confusing when you have names of derivatives based on adding and removing groups from carbon 17 - when the "official" name calls that carbon 19!

And I've just found a molecule (Radicicol) that can be numbered from 1-18 consecutively OR from 1-6 (round the benzene ring) and then from 1' to 12' (round the rest of it).

Mind you, if you ever want to have a fit of the vapours, try looking up the official IUPAC name for plain old glucose.

[04:25] Gods, the weather here has been VILE for HOURS. Driving wind and rain non-stop since about 9pm (it's now nearly 4.30 am)

[04:39] Did I mention that I'm wearing a pair of Richard's socks? The stupid boy was supposed to get my socks out of the washing machine & pair them & hang them on the line on FRIDAY. Today, I went downstairs with a load of dirty sheets and found them all still in the machine, smelling really revolting since they'd been damp since Friday. So I've had to rewash them, which meant I was completely out of clean socks.

Richard's socks are horrible & scratchy, & make my feet itch.