January 13th, 2012

cn tower

Going to Boston.

I'm off to the US between Thurs 26th & Sun 29th January. Does anyone need anything brought over/taken back? Speak now if you want chocolate that is only available in one location! Or anything else, as long as it's legal and moral.

I think I'll be staying near Coolidge Corner stop on the Green line, in Brookline, MA. Please let me know if you're a Bostonian & want to meet up. So far I have Book Auntie, bubblebabble, Darkhawk, New World Dormouse and Xiphias Gladius down as locals.

I should have a US phone number (though it's dependent on the SIM I bought in Florida still working), and I'll have a Ryan and a Red Wine with me from Friday to Sunday. No Richard though, because we can't afford for both of us to travel. You should not, however, read anything untoward into his absence - we are still sickeningly happy together & getting married on 1st Feb :)

I am planning to eat lots of vegan pizza.

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