February 10th, 2012


Belated post about our wedding.

Richard & I were successfully married last Wednesday at about 3pm. The Very Difficult relatives did not attend, the Difficult Relatives mostly behaved themselves, and we had twice as many friends there as we'd been expecting to have - so it was a rather good day. Apart from the fact I was feeling ill and in pain for a while at the beginning, but that was bearable. A couple of people said it was the least stressful wedding they'd ever been to, which is sweet and amusing. The highly religious aunt has told the entire family how thoughtful we were of people's differing religious sensibilities. Yay.

Photos exist, but need extensive Photoshopping before they can go online. The lighting in the registry office was bizarre. The photos in the room we got married in are all too red, and the photos taken in the hallway of the building have everyone alarmingly green-tinged like aliens. It's something I can do, but I need time and spoons to pick out the best photos and do the colour correction. Also, the more people that are in the photograph, the more likely it is to be unflattering to someone - nothing much you can do about that, though.

Nothing has actually changed in our relationship, which I'm pleased about. Some people do feel different when they get married, but we didn't think we would. I think some people put too much thought into planning the wedding and not enough into the marriage. I hope we've got that balance right.

People have been embarrassingly generous with presents. We need to write thank you letters soon. However, right now I'm busy stressing about the presentation that I need to give next week that doesn't even exist yet - 10 minutes with no more than 7 Powerpoint slides and 5 minutes for questions, in front of as much of the whole department can be bothered to turn up, and assessed by the Graduate Committee Of Doom. Argh. Still not very functional from the S.A.D. - I'm up now because I am most able to do work when I'm in bed with the laptop and Richard is asleep next to me. He's a very calming wuzzie.