August 16th, 2012


Paralympics tickets

So I've been saying to myself for a while that I really ought to "sort out" my Paralympics tickets. I know that I'm going to the Wheelchair Rugby on Thursday 6th September with hiddenpaw, skibbley and sfred, but I hadn't sorted out who else I'm going to see what with.

Well, oops and also bollocks. I was really certain that I was going to see the Athletics on Sunday 2nd September. But the tickets I have are actually for Saturday 1st September - which is also the day of Brighton Pride! Also more botheringly, I have two seats together (the wheelchair & "wheelchair helper" seats*) in Block 153 Row 25 - and a single seat in Block 253 Row 55! That's absolutely bloody stupid. I wish I'd noticed that earlier. All of that.

The start time for the Athletics is 7pm, but the London 2012 website reckons I'll need to be at the Olympic Stadium by 5pm to go through all the "airport-style" security charade. Theoretically, this does allow me to go to Brighton Pride at least long enough to see the parade. But it will be a very long day, and stressful, and involve too much train stress, and... argh! Especially frustrating since I found out at BiCon who has the secret "community" wristbands, so I could have got into Preston Park for the paid part of Brighton Pride for Not Much money rather than the Stupid Amount that they want to charge...

It's a bit late to sell the tickets now, especially as two of them are wheelchair + helper seats. And who the hell is going to want to sit on their own surrounded by complete strangers? Argh.

The other events aren't a problem - they are "general admission", although I presume they have a specific place or places to stick wheelchair people. (The map shows a wheelchair park, but not where wheelchair users get parked). The actual event I have tickets for starts at 7pm in both cases, but the tickets are all-day passes and you can go to any event in that venue that has spaces.

So... Who wants to come and see Sitting Volleyball with me on Tuesday 4th September? If we get there early enough, there is the possibility of also seeing some Wheelchair Fencing, Powerlifting or Boccia. (Other events on Thursday 6th September include Wheelchair Tennis, 5-a-side Football and Goalball). I have 2 spare tickets, but it isn't as simple as "the first two people to comment here get the tickets", because I'm also communicating with people via email. The tickets are £15 each, which includes an all-zone Travelcard, plus recorded delivery post of the tickets. (Or Special Delivery if you are paranoid enough).

Post below if you have any questions :)

* this is not actually what the free ticket is called, but I can't be bothered to look up the official Paralympic term.

Paralympic food

Also, I have been up for 2 hours longer than I meant to be, trying to extract information from the London 2012 website - which is a complete failure. The Olympics have happened, and yet there's STILL no information about what sort of food exists inside the various venues. Apart from McDonalds. Which I generally avoid for ethical reasons, such as the fact that most of what they sell isn't actually food.

Although I notice that the Deli Spicy Veggie Sandwich might well be vegan if served without the repulsive mayonnaise. The allergen information says it contains eggs, but the only egg I can find is in the "Cool Mayo". I might well email McDonalds and check, because there's avoiding McDonalds for ethical reasons on the one hand, and starving because Olympics officials didn't bother to consider vegans on the other. Oh, you can take in food as long as it's not an "excessive amount", but you're also only allowed to bring in "one soft-sided bag" (see here), so there's a limit to the amount of food that is feasible to carry. Given the number of extra layers I need to stay warm in the evenings, I'll be left with emergency protein bars and fruit...

If you want a real laugh, try Ask London 2012, for vague, meaningless answers. I've already clicked on the "I still need help" thing because of the uselessness of their "Can I bring an empty water bottle through security, and if so, will there be somewhere to refill it inside your venues?" question. Great, you can bring in a plastic bottle - up to what maximum size? The Download Festival information had wording like this, and we got there to find out that only 500 ml bottles were allowed. Which is bloody annoying for the carer of a disabled person who drinks a lot of water.