September 25th, 2012

science genius girl

Natural History Museum Uncovered

At some point I should write up my weekend, but given that I've been in bed for two days, who knows when that'll be? It was good, anyway. My back is less good, but this is partly my own fault for neglecting to do my physiotherapy exercises for months on end.

This Friday I'm planning to go to this event from 4-11pm - would anyone like to join me?

Considerably belated wedding stress.

Gah. I am in trouble with my relatives. It turns out that I only managed to send ONE two thank you cards for wedding presents. They were WRITTEN, but not sent. I just found them all on my desk.

I knew we hadn't sent all of them yet, but I thought all the cards for my family had been sent (Richard's family being much less fussy about things arriving on time)... Godsdamnit.
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