November 2nd, 2012


Random lyric spam

We settled the ups and downs
We battled the stormy ground
If we feel that we could never win
We pick up and start again

The money is never enough
To see us right out of the rough
And every penny rollin' in
Goes in and back out again

Degraded, with the pigs we dine
Tied up in the pearl and swine
But we see love

Then you turn to me and
You say "Tell me it'll all work out"
Well, lover, it'll all work out
Baby, it'll all work out
Everything's tellin' me that
Someday, lover, it'll all work out

Sometimes I have to fight the fear
That I'm not doin' everything that I could
But things can't just stay like this
Something's gotta change, I can feel it

Ginger Wildheart - Lover It'll All Work Out
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