December 27th, 2012


Topless men and hairy dwarves

Today my stress levels are through the roof, my pain levels are through the roof, and my energy levels are through the floor. What a great combination.

Richard has been a hero over the past few days. Doing two roast dinners entirely from scratch, entirely on his own, including all the washing up two days running. I would not cope without this man. He is amazing.

Yesterday, I spent several hours looking at drawings and photos of topless men, and found it an oddly frustrating and boring experience. I was trying to find the sort of man that *I* find attractive rather than the sort of man which *fashion* thinks is attractive. I never thought I went for unconventional men before, but apparently I do. I was looking for normal men, with a little more muscle than Richard. Instead I found lots of six-packs, and pecs so prominent that they look like breasts despite being made of solid muscle. Ewww. I really do not like the artificially sculpted look.

The reason for this is that I've commissioned an artist to draw my characters Alix & Martin. She's already provided me with one picture, but Alix is so incredibly femme in it that I wanted another picture in which enough of his body is shown to "prove" that he really is male :)

Also, Tim & Peter came round, and we went to see The Hobbit. I would say it is excellent if you like either long-haired beardy men, or New Zealand trees & mountain scenery ;D Personally, I regarded it as severe eye candy for both of those reasons. Collapse ) Richard was annoyed because I kept stroking his hair and beard and chest hair, but there were hairy men on the screen! It's what happens!

We couldn't be bothered to spend a small fortune on cinema tickets, and we all hate 3D anyway, so we saw the 2D. But it was so obviously intended to be shown as high frame rate, since whole chunks of the film was insanely blurry as 2D. They clearly shot and edited it in HFR, and then just "lost" half the frames. Bah.

Tim & Peter brought us really awesome Christmas presents and I feel guilty that we got them hardly anything. I hate having no money.

Martin Septim/Alix de Feu

For anyone who's wondering what the characters in my fiction look like, Collapse )

Yes, Alix is very pale and very girly. He's supposed to be. Although they're both human, they're different races of human within the Elder Scrolls universe. Martin is an Imperial - the dominant race in Cyrodiil, average height and weight, light brown/olive skin, brown or black hair, based on Roman culture. He's also the heir to the throne, but he goes around in the same beaten-up robe that he wore when he was just a priest: partly in rebellion, partly in denial.

Alix is a Breton - short and slender, pale skin, red or brown-haired, part-elven (which is especially apparent from his ears), high degree of magical ability. He wears leather armour most of the time even though he's a mage, because it offers more protection than mages' robes. (As well as causing slightly fewer people to mistake him for being female).

The artist who drew this picture, Memai, tends to draw Breton men as fairly androgynous, which fits Alix very well. Here's her commissions page, if you're interested - very reasonable prices compared to what a lot of fan artists charge!

I love the expressions in their eyes. Alix is all hopeful: "Hi love, I just returned from a mission, would you like to come to bed with me? Now?", and Martin's saying "oh hell, I was concentrating on some work, but now I've forgotten what I was doing and ... oh!". Hehehe.