April 4th, 2013

cn tower

Easter weekend - going out and staying in

After having done not very much in months, we had a colossally busy weekend.

On Friday night we pretended to be young again and went to a nightclub for the first time in... I can't actually remember how long, but most likely about a decade, and possibly longer. Collapse )

We then slept all of Saturday and went out with Tim & Peter in the evening to celebrate Tim's birthday. I believe he was 25* this year. I suppose by the same logic I will also be 25 in June and can simply carry on clubbing like I used to, if I can find the energy. What I really need is to be able to persuade/pay one or more of my friends who like vaguely similar music as me to come and do the bouncer-ing so that Richard can enjoy himself without having to Be My Carer, since he does enough of that already.

* = hexadecimal

On Sunday I mostly played Skyrim, and then on Monday we went to Poole to see Richard's dad, stepmum, sister, brother-in-law, and nephew. This necessitated far longer on trains than should reasonably be required considering the distance, but all of the Special Assistance actually happened!! I am thinking of writing to South West Trains to congratulate them, because it's the first time in bloody ages that I've booked assistance and all of it has materialised as expected. Possibly because I emphasised really hard that I was concerned about whether the lifts at Surbiton would be working, and the fact I'd be changing at Woking around 11 pm when the staff tend to change shift.

Yesterday all I did was go to the doctor to get my vitamin B12 injection. Today^ I am on a train up to Glasgow. Tomorrow we are going to see the Wildhearts supported by Eureka Machines. It's the 20th anniversary of Earth Vs the Wildhearts, if anyone else wants to feel positively antique. They're only doing four dates, none of them in London, which is why we're going to Glasgow to see them.

^ = written on the train on 2013-04-03

Skyrim, again!

Yesterday, I discovered you can jump on the bed in Skyrim! I may have put my game into third-person mode and bounced up and down for about 5 minutes watching my character flap his arms like a lunatic and pretend to fly... *shifty eyes*

I don't know if I mentioned this already, but I've just restarted Skyrim with Reincarnated Martin Septim as my Dragonborn. My character doesn't look perfectly like Oblivion Martin because Skyrim's graphics don't suck (ha!), but nor does he look perfectly like Fangirl Martin because you're limited in terms of hairstyles and textures when you're on Xbox 360. He looks enough like Martin to be recognisable though, being an Imperial with light brown skin, floppy brown hair, and blue eyes; and I'm training him to use the same abilities that I'd expect Martin to have in Skyrim. It's pretty funny though, deliberately roleplaying a character and making the choices he'd make.

For example: Martin quite literally spends half of the game Oblivion reading (he's trying to translate the Evil Book of Evilness written by the Main Bad Guy). As the game progresses, he acquires books from the library and sits at his table with more and more books in front of him. This is easy enough to roleplay: Martin cannot leave a book unattended and unloved. If there is a book in a dungeon area (or even a friend's house!), and it says "Take" rather than "Steal" when you pick it up, Martin will take it home and add it to his collection. He's now filled all four of the shelves in Breezehome, which is the first (cheapest) house you get in the game, with no duplicates. He's storing the duplicates in a chest ready for his next house :D

Also, last night the game was seriously trolling me. I know that my character is supposed to be the Dragonborn, but honestly, this is ridiculous - three dragons in under an hour's play time! Only one of them was a fixed location dragon, too, the other two were random spawns.

And I was playing while on irc, and several of my friends were talking about the plotline of Oblivion. One of them said "and since Martin was dead" - and literally AT THAT SAME MOMENT reincarnated Martin got killed in my game. To a Draugr Death Overlord, of all things. Martin was most unimpressed to be killed in that way.