September 5th, 2013


Stupid back, stupid leg, stupid drugs.

I really do not like how utterly despondent I'm feeling. I stopped taking pregabalin as soon as I realised it might be making me depressed, and it took nine days to get back to normal. In context: I took the medication for eight days, and it was a further nine days before I felt like a human being again. Urgh.

I've been taking gabapentin for about a week. I was fine on 100 mg, except that's too low a dose to do anything at all. (A typical sort of dose for neuropathic pain would be around 900 mg a day). Increased the dose to 200 mg after four days, been on that dose for two days, and I'm starting to feel decidedly iffy again. At least I only feel crap and unmotivated. I don't actually want to be dead (yet). I'm going to stay on the current dose for a lot longer than the doctor said (he wanted me to increase every 2 days) to see if this feeling of malaise eases off.

I also need to manage being awake in the daytime to chase the results of my MRI from the chronic pain clinic. Lately, I have been failing at daytimes.

The only same-sex couple in Skyrim

I wish to register a complaint. There is precisely one canon gay couple in Skyrim, and they're both dead when you find them. No, that's not problematic at all.

I'm generally fairly easy-going when it comes to fictional characters. After all, we don't know the sexuality of anyone in the game for certain. People in happy, loving, opposite-sex relationships might identify as bisexual rather than heterosexual, just like in real life. Also, there are an awful lot of characters who aren't currently in relationships, and the game doesn't have speech options for you to quiz them about their sexual orientation. The best you can do is put on an Amulet of Mara and ask people if they're interested in marrying you. The same 60 or so characters are available for marriage, regardless of the gender or race of the character you're playing. And if they have a high enough relationship level with you, they will always say yes.

So Skyrim's a lot more generous than many games in terms of what it allows the player. Opposite-sex and same-sex relationships are treated absolutely identically. But the only characters who talk about being romantically involved are people in opposite-sex relationships. There may be same-sex relationships, but they're not overt.

The only overt same-sex couple are both dead.

The tale of Hrodulf and Bjornolfr is a tragedy which you only piece together if you have enough interest to do so. Collapse )