December 15th, 2014


Who wants a Christmas card?

My generic holiday cards with an awesome BEAR on arrived on Saturday, meaning that it's well and truly Time To Get Organised.

If you believe the Royal Mail, it's already too late to send cards almost anywhere to actually arrive in time for Christmas, but the earliest I've ever managed to ask for addresses was 8th December. While my cards usually arrive by January 3rd even if they're going halfway round the world :)

The options are a generic holiday card with a photograph of a live yearling BEAR, or nothing. This is because my purpose for sending out cards is to prove that my imaginary internet friends are real, and e-cards just don't do that for me.

Poll #1992192 h-l's 2014 Christmas card Poll-thing

Do you want a Christmas card from me this year?

Yes please.
No thank you.

The following partners, children, housemates and pets should be acknowledged on the card:

My address is:

The same as it has been for many years so I'm sure you have it.
The same as last year but I'll give it again in case you can't find it.
Different from last year and I'll give it to you in a screened comment.
I don't want a card but my address has changed so I'll give it to you in a screened comment.

All comments are screened so you can leave your address below. Please do it a.s.a.p. so the cards have some chance of getting to you :)

Also, feel free to receive a card from me without feeling obliged to send one back. I send cards because I like to do it, not because you must! Although if you do want to send me something, here's my address.