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This should probably be in deadjournal...

Really fucking miserable. Horrible fucking day. Four fucking hours it took me to get home from work today, including an hour in the fucking rain waiting for a fucking bus that wasn't too full to get on. (Thanks to a fucking power cut, there were no fucking trains or tubes running anywhere, and no fucking information about when they might be starting again.)

As an interesting meta-point, at which point in the above tirade do you think the word "fucking" loses its power, and becomes Just Another Adjective?

And now I want to cheer myself up with chocolate and I don't fucking have any. I am completely out of old-recipe Bournville, and none of the shops in Kingston have any left - just the evil butterfat version, which is no fucking good as it has fucking milk in. I have Lindt 70% and Green & Black's here, but can't eat either of them as they're too fucking bitter.

I actually feel better now for writing that out!

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