helen-louise (baratron) wrote,

You're all freaks! (and I'm freaked)

OK, I'm freaked. I have a "Gourmet vegan burger" in the oven that looks and smells just like a meat burger. All the ingredients are vegan (and joy oh joy, it doesn't contain onion!), but it's decidedly meaty in appearance...

Thus, a discussion on #soc.bi:
[BroAdam] I wonder if there was a vegan version of soylent green.
[BroAdam] "It tastes just like it was MADE FROM PEEEEEEEEEEOPLLLLLLLE!"
[fluffKitten] soyalent green
[BroAdam] right
[BroAdam] it's both good and disturbing to know that fk and I are on the same page with this

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