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possibly more bloody allergies

I might have become allergic to ibuprofen. Took some today, and within 5 minutes I had this feeling like there was a really sharp hair scratching the back of my throat, and sudden huge productions of mucus. Didn't actually feel wheezy, but had a major fit of coughing and throat-clearing, and I've felt pretty nasty for the rest of the day.

Argh, I hate the way my body is developing new allergies every couple of months. And the worst thing is not knowing whether today's episode was a reaction or completely unrelated. I'm pretty sure that I felt absolutely fine before I took the drug, apart from having backache, and also pretty sure that I've so far managed to miss the aspirin derivative allergy that most asthmatics have. But I've taken tons of ibuprofen over the past 3 days, and a lot of allergies are exposure-related. Maybe I'm not allergic to one or two doses, but am to several?

Damn it! I'm already in a queue for a latex allergy test. Will I have to join another queue for aspirin allergy? And am I going to turn out to be allergic to all salicylates, or just ibuprofen? With my delightful body, I really do not need to lose an entire class of painkillers :/

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