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Tomorrow, I get to hand in my notice from my much-hated job. Hooray!

I am going to Kings' College London to do a PCGE, which is the postgraduate diploma you need to teach in this country. Training to teach chemistry to secondary school kids (11-18). I want to specialise in sixth form and adult returners, but I'll have to do a couple of years of generic secondary school first... and pass the evil scary medical, but we'll ignore that for the moment.

Got the official offer letter yesterday, along with a huge pile of forms and details of two entirely terrifying essays I am supposed to write before I turn up on 15th September. Oh joy, oh bliss. And it turns out that I am supposed to arrange for myself three days of Primary School Experience. Why the hell couldn't they have told me that at the interview? They gave the impression it would all be sorted for me! Idiots! So now I have precisely 8 days in which to sort something out. Great!

But I get to quit my job and do something that actually requires a brain! YES!!

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