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financial stress (or university woes part 4)

I am very, very stressed about university-related things.

The big one is money. This course costs £1075 for home students. Now, I am apparently eligible to get this fee paid for by my Local Education Authority. But although they should be paying it, I have to apply to the LEA myself. Eeek!

(Now, I'm fairly sure when I did my first degree, a lot of the paperwork got sorted out by the university or UCAS. But I could be misremembering because I was under 21 and thus it would've been my parents who had to fill stuff in rather than me. So that's a very minor moan.)

But eeek! if I don't have an official letter from the LEA on the first day of the course, I'll have to somehow find that money myself!! And I have, er, precisely 7 working days before the course starts. Fuck!

And the next thing. I am entitled to a "training salary" of £6000 to be paid in 9 installments of £666.66 (!). The first installment will be paid on 5th October. The course starts on 15th September. So I have to support myself for three weeks on... nothing. My credit card is absolutely maxed out and I don't really have any savings. I'll have to borrow another couple of hundred pounds from my mum to live on. Oh joy.

Then the information here about student loans is confusing and contradictory. My plan was to get a student loan (which is very low interest) to pay off my credit card and other debts. But apparently it will take several months for the student loan application to get processed: while my credit card interest piles up. The "easy" solution would be to apply for another card which has 0% interest on balance transfers for 6 months - but then I'd have two lots of credit instead of one, and I'm not sure I could trust myself not to use the paid-off card. (I'm fairly sensible with money, but I feel that's just asking for trouble).

....sigh. Not really asking for advice so much as support to help me get through this turgid morass of bureaucracy. I fucking hate paperwork.

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