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maybe I could make this the next meme

Filling in the scary medical form now. There's a list of 38 ailments that you have to declare. Guess how many I have? If I could be arsed, I'd type in the complete list for you to have "fun" with ('cos some of you will answer any questionnaire, no matter how strange!), but my arsedness quotient is remarkably low atm. Heehee.

And there's a wonderful bit that says "Have you required a doctor during the last 5 years?" and if so, please give the following details: Nature of illness, Dates of beginning and end of illness, Number of weeks unable to attend school, college or to follow usual occupation. I mean, bloody hell! I have no idea how many weeks I've had off with depression! Lots! And I'm never coming off antidepressants! But I'm quite perfectly sane now, thanks to the aforementioned antidepressants that I'm not coming off. I just have to see the doctor every so often so they can check I'm still sane.

OK, I've now given up on that, and am filling in my work's "employee survey". Have ticked "strongly disagree" all over the place and had a long rant in all the boxes for comments. I'm pretty sure they'll be able to work out who I am from my answers, but I don't give a stuff 'cos I'm leaving. I do however want the job to be improved for my friends who still have to do it, because in some ways they really do treat us like cattle and there's no need for it.

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