helen-louise (baratron) wrote,

Thursday and Friday.

This week was another strange week for sleep. I stayed up all night on Monday night, and went to sleep about 10.30pm on Tuesday (having been up for more than 30 hours). I then slept until 6pm on Wednesday, and woke up having had a very long and strange dream (as mentioned below). I then stayed up until about 9.30pm on Thursday, slept until 8am on Friday, and lay around in bed for the rest of the day.

I was absolutely knackered on Thursday. I'd made plans to meet Chris before I'd realised it was the night of the uk.people.polyamorous meet in Cambridge. I thought about doing both, but realised around lunchtime when I found I was still up that I just wouldn't be able to get enough sleep in to do 4 hours of train travel and still be able to be social. I went out round Kingston to hand my CV in to temping agencies in an attempt to get a job, but found myself having to go around all of them, because none of them seemed to offer what I was looking for. (I want part-time work, 20 hours a week or less, until January or so - so that I have some money coming in while I finish my PhD, but I'm not locked into a non-ideal job if a better one comes up.) By the time I'd done that and bumped into a friend of my mum's and had a long chat with her (she's selling her role-playing and board games shop, so if you want cheap games get there in the next couple of weeks), it was already about 4pm and I was supposed to be meeting Chris at 5.

Went home and rested and read for a bit, then got a text message from Chris to say she was running late. So I was able to have a shower, which was nice as Thursday was a blazing hot day and I felt drenched in sweat after wandering round agencies all afternoon. Met her at the station about 5.30pm, and we went to Starbucks, where a very strange man engaged us in conversation for some time. He wasn't creepy, just a bit over-friendly, and he seemed to be trying to chat us both up at the same time. He said that when we next made love to our boyfriends, we should think of him just for 5 seconds. (This was actually enough to dampen my ardour when I woke early on Friday morning having had an erotic dream - I thought about waking Richard, then remembered this man and went "eww!" and decided to go back to sleep). We got rid of him just in time to get to Computer Exchange before they shut, where Chris bought a Game Boy Color and a couple of games, and I got Qix Adventure 'cos it was only £12. Then we went back to my place, played with our games, and ate curry from Suki's, the rather nice curry place at the end of our road.

It was lovely to see Chris because I think I'd somehow managed to not meet up with her in at least a few months, if not longer. I was even more pleased to see that my hopeless crush on her has finally faded, and I can enjoy time with her as a friend and appreciate her for being an attractive person without constantly thinking "oh, I wish she was interested in me". As she seems to be in a happy, stable, monogamous relationship with a mutual friend, this is probably just as well.

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