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going to Chessington every day


Have survived the second day of "The Primary School Experience", which contrary to popular belief, is not a theme park ride. (Ghost train-type thing, with small children jumping out at you, would be my bet). Actually, I've not just survived it - I've been having fun! Will write more about it over the weekend.

Could have done without my damn body clock waking me up at 5am on Wednesday, and not letting me go back to sleep, though. And I'm sick of missing the same bus multiple times (miss it at one stop, run round to the next one, miss it there, hop on a different numbered bus, desperately hope it overtakes the first one...). Ah well.

The "exhausted" mood icon is sad-looking, so I'm not going to use it. (I really want to be able to select mood icons without linked text, but I'll spare you the fourth iteration of that rant).
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