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still ill & S2

Didn't get very far with S2 last night. Basically I'm trying to get my current S1 layout into S2, correcting the handful of mistakes in it on the way. However, while S1 used HTML, S2 uses a brand new custom layout language - and it's entirely beyond me! I managed to make children of Generator and Classic, the two styles that mine is a mixture of, but then I couldn't even begin to figure out how to combine them together. I am so not a programmer...

Is there anyone reading this who's actually customised an S2 layout beyond just changing the colours and some of the text? (And who would be willing to give me serious help with it?) The other option's I just get Richard to do it for me, but I'm already enlisting his help as a typing slave this weekend to help type up my vast quantity of notes from The Primary School Experience (TM) (as my hands/wrists are not even vaguely up to it. Speech input software wouldn't actually help at the moment, because I'm still bloody ill and definitely not up to talking at my computer for several hours! Damnit.). And you know what I'm like - when I decide to do something, it has to be done now! I'm very bad at the patience thing...

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