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I am such a geek (this is not news)

So, I have done what every true spod does as soon as they've arrived at college: find out their login id, find the nearest computer room, log on. What can I say? ;)

I'm rather pleased that the computers here all have recent editions of IE, Netscape and Opera, so you have the choice. They even have StarOffice as well as MS Office! Cor. Shame about the NT, but there's no way round that these days.

I've discovered that Opera 7 for Windows does very strange things with my journal, so that gives me further incentive to learn my way round S2, and get rid of the horrible broken tables within tables within tables that is my S1 style. (Not my fault - blame Generator). Actually, I was doing fairly well setting up an S2 style on the LJ test server, before it fell over and refused to get back up. Might give it another prod tonight.

Right, I've got a lecture in 10 minutes so I'd better bog off. Oh, I do like this student lark ;)

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