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my parole has come through!

My head is full of crap. Lovely hormonal migraine, great. Ergh.

Had a hot date with my bed last night, on the basis that the two of us have not been spending enough time together. But I still went to bed far too late, which meant I ended up oversleeping horribly, waking up with a headache, and missing chrismoose's birthday drinks. Lovely, lovely. Tomorrow, I need to arrange a date with my hoover, as the flat is starting to get too dusty for my allergies.

Plenty of good stuff in my life, though. Course is going well. Yesterday was my last shift in my shitty job, so I never have to go back there again! I think I'll go in on Thursday to pick up my last payslip and hand out chocolate brownies to the people I like - but that's not really the same thing. And Richard & I went up to Euston for really decent Indian food last night.

This is funny: elynne talks like a pirate.

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