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I hate MS Word, part 35

Have spent the day LARTing various sources of stress (except for the bit where I saw ceno, which was not stressful). Now I'm in one of the 24 hour computer rooms here desperately struggling to produce a worksheet with circuit diagrams on. It should not take me one bloody hour to produce one circuit diagram! I thought IT was supposed to make these things easier, but I could have drawn the entire worksheet by hand several times over by now! Things have not been helped by the so-called "drawing" program, Micrografx Windows Draw, which refuses to save the right-hand edge of my drawing. A circuit diagram with the right wire missing is no bloody use at all! And I can't think of an insult strong enough for MS Word. As I've noticed that this particular "ICT Task" (sic) is labelled simply "wordprocessing" and not "Word", I've given up and am now using StarOffice, which at least does what I ask it to. Unfortunately the other "ICT Tasks" are labelled "Excel" and "PowerPoint", so I can't get away from MS products that easily. Damn it!

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