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The thing that should not have been.

OK, that was very weird. Ginger from the Wildhearts solo "acoustic" gig. Verrry random - and I'm not talking about Jon Poole.

So we had "She's So Taboo" and "Geordie in Wonderland". No surprises there. Vaguely acoustic versions of "Nita Nitro" and "I Wanna Go Where the People Go". And from the new album, "One Love, One Life, One Girl" (that paean of monogamy that's just soo inappropriate for me to bounce round singing), "There's Only One Hell" and my favourite song in the whole world ever this week, "Someone Who Won't Let Me Go". "Inside Out" by Silver Ginger 5 (which actually worked better than the electric version, imo), and a couple of solo things: "I'm a Lover Not a Fighter" and "Reinventing the Wheel" (apparently).

The now obligatory "Sky Babies", or at least half of it, with the guitar solos played at double speed. An almost unrecognisable at first version of "Dangerlust", which Richard claims I never play. Hrm. And there I was with "D-d-d-dayglo buffaloes blew me away / Strange are the hours between the dusk and the day" as a web forum sig for years.

Ginger seemed to think he was in Clam Abuse again, singing most of the songs (except "Geordie", which would have been silly) in a fake American accent. And he was on top form (especially after the crisis of earlier this year). It's just great to see him looking so happy.

The thing that should not have been? The COCK song (that got played at least three times during the evening). It was like the music from a genteel English country dance played as a three piece guitar widdle interspersed with the words COCK and ROCK. Um, and it was weirder than that, even.

And then there were the honky tonk versions of "Pissjoy", "Nurse Maximum" and "Suckerpunch". Err. Honky tonk versions of "Endless Nameless" songs. My brain hurts.

Can we do that again please? Very soon!

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