helen-louise (baratron) wrote,

Good news.

My friend N. called tonight. He was extremely perky on the phone, so I asked how he was. He said he was very well - he got his test results back today and it seems that his T cell count has doubled and his viral load is undetectable. This is extremely good news, as it means that the evil anti-HIV drugs are working. We're going to meet up later in the week.

I'm trying out the Windows LJ client at the moment. I haven't used this before. It's a bit different to the linux one. Neither of them seem to let you alter the date on your post though, which is a bit annoying as I do sometimes want to make backdated posts. (And the "backdate" option does something completely different - it makes your post just appear on the calendar, not in your usual journal page or on people's friends page).

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