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Shed Yule

Sun 5th: college work, and meeping & gerwinium visiting
Fri 10th: usual drunkbisexuals pub thing?
Sat 11th: Ju Ju Babies gig, probably.
Sun 12th: stuff with meeping & gerwinium?
Tue 14th: Bisexual Underground
Fri 17th: usual drunkbisexuals pub thing?
Sat 18th: thekumquat's party with hypermallard (and wuzzie?)
Sun 19th: stuff with meeping & gerwinium?
Fri 24th: usual drunkbisexuals pub thing?
Wed 29th/Thurs 30th: going northwards! otterylexa will stay with esbat. uk-poly meet on Wednesday or Thursday night.
Fri 31st: Alton Towers. Richard & I will stay over in Alton village.
Sat 1st: also Alton Towers? and esbat's party.
Sun 2nd: Richard & I go home probably by train. Alexa to follow later in the week, with anything we can't be bothered to carry on the train.

I need to fit in seeing pir while he's in the country, which I think is this week. Argh! I hate scheduling!

Will update this post as new things get planned ;) If you want to meet up with me, please leave a comment to this post telling me when would be a good time for you. Priority goes to sashajwolf & djm4, kixie and mjl, as they have all been neglected recently - but I'd happily spend an hour in a cafe with most people on my friends list :)

I am in college the following days: Mon 6th, Tues 7th, Fri 10th, Mon 13th, Tues 14th, Fri 17th, Mon 20th, Tues 21st, Fri 24th, Mon 27th, Tues 28th, Wed 29th October.

I am in school on: Wed 8th, Thurs 9th, Wed 15th, Thurs 16th, Wed 22nd, Thurs 23rd October.

When I'm in college, I finish at 5pm, but am already in zone 1. When I'm at school, I finish around 4 or 4.30pm, but I'll only be in zone 3, and a lot more tired. I think, it would be easiest for me to meet people in central London on a college day and to meet people at home on a school day - but I'm not sure!

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