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I was going to write a couple of longish entries, but I have a lovely hormone-induced migraine so am far too brain-fried. Thus the 12 livejournal entries from other people that I've kept open to comment on will have to wait until tomorrow.

For your thoughts:
An interesting set of questions about legal marriage, from rosefox.

For your amusement:
This scares me. Not so much fj's poll, but the increasingly random pictures posted in the comments (some not very worksafe).

I like girls!, by jinian.

There is a public gallery near the main King's campus which is currently running an exhibition called "The Art of Chess". For some reason I keep misreading this as "The Art of Cheese", and thus wondering (a) how the exhibits are kept refrigerated whilst arranged as an art installation, (b) if they need to be changed every so often and (c) what it was like working as a security guard there in the height of summer...

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