helen-louise (baratron) wrote,

On Sunday we went to see Shrek with Liz W from alt.poly and her kids. We went to the cinema in Stratford in East London, and it was rather nice as the cinema is new. Also, because it's outside central London, the ticket prices are much lower than we're used to paying. In central London you typically pay £7.50 - £8 to see a film. At this cinema, the adult price was £4.30, which is much more reasonable :)

I'm sure that someone on my friends list posted quite a long review of Shrek here, but I can't seem to find it, so maybe it wasn't here at all. Suffice to say I enjoyed it. It's much more cynical than most U-rated films, which suits me. Also the musical interludes were kept to a minimum (why children's programmes always have songs in the middle I don't know).

After that we thought about going for a drink somewhere, but the weather was too awful for us to sit in a pub garden, and the smaller children were a bit tired. Also, Richard was making noises about needing to get back into work to check on the progress of something he'd left running. So we said goodbye to Liz and got the tube into town. I went to the main branch of Computer Exchange to see what they had, and picked up Pop N' Music 2. (I'd link to a page about it, but as it's only been released in Japan, all of the pages are in Japanese. This one might explain what you have to do. However, the mere fact that this one exists is disturbing.)

When Richard finished work, we got food and drink, and then went round to Marcus and Cath's. We watched The Simpsons and Tron, and Cath tried to install The Typing of the Dead on our laptop. It didn't seem to work, though :( As we were tired we didn't stay very late, getting the penultimate train home rather than waiting for the last one.

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