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I knew there's a reason I need a credit card.

I have just spent £28.42 on chocolate products from Veganstore.

This pretty much stands by itself, doesn't it?

Been shopping for more smart clothes tonight, as we do 4 days a week in school after half term. A lot of the other teachers wear jeans, but we've been told to dress at the smart end of what's considered acceptable in our school. And the school I go to for the Phase B teaching practice might be a lot more formal, so I might as well buy the clothes now. But buying clothes leads to the horrible trauma of trying to find clothes that are the right shape for me. Basically, it seems that my arse is two sizes larger than the rest of me. When I was skinny and took a size 8-10, I had to buy size 14 trousers so I could fit my arse in (and gather up the spare 8" of waistband with a heavy-duty belt) - and now that I'm fat it's even worse. You'd have thought the clothes manufacturers would realise that someone who's a size 20 would have an ample derriere, but no... eurgh. After enormous amounts of walking round, trying things on, and faffing, I now have 2 nice silky skirts (black & pink, and purple) , a black & white blouse and a pair of plain black trousers, to add to the clothes I bought a few weeks ago - and I think 2 skirts and 4 pairs of trousers plus a couple of nice tops and a load of smartish long-sleeved t-shirts will have to do. I don't exactly want to spend my entire so-called "training salary" on clothes!

Yesterday I went to the hairdresser and got vast quantities of hair chopped off. My hair is now the shortest it's ever been. I think the longest part is 6" (!). It's not quite the style I wanted - it's about 2" shorter than I meant it to be, and it's been layered so the hair closest to my head is shortest and the hair on the outside of my head is longest instead of the other way round - but this is my own fault for not being very communicative about my desires. And it's not a bad cut - I don't feel embarrassed to walk down the street or anything like that. It's just that every so often I think if I dyed it orange I could pass for Alice in Dilbert. As soon as it grows long enough, I'll get it recut and layered the other way.

It's certainly drastic, which is the main thing I was going for. And there's no way it'll fall into a bunsen burner flame or a beaker of acid...

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