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Strange things I have done while exhausted.

I have mostly not been writing in livejournal because I come home every night and go zonk! I should point out that it's the good sort of knackered, where I'm tired because I'm busy, rather than the bad sort, where I'm tired because I'm ill - but the fact remains, I'm far too tired for coherent thought in the evenings. My brain switches off sometime between 4 and 6pm. Bleurgh.

I keep embarrassing myself by getting out my house key instead of my Travelcard, my Travelcard instead of my swipe card, and my swipe card instead of my house key. Obviously in my mind all these are filed under "things which open doors", which isn't as illogical as it might seem. But it's really bloody embarrassing to show a ticket inspector your student card or a security guard your Travelcard! And even worse to start waving your keys around! See also: trying to pay with store loyalty cards (which only works if you have one of those combined loyalty card and charge card things).

The other really embarrassing thing I keep doing is forgetting something I've been told 5 minutes ago. Case in point: when out for dinner with djm4 and sashajwolf the other day, they told me how they'd been to Norfolk for the weekend. We then started talking about thekumquat's party on Saturday, and I asked David if he was there. He looked at me somewhat quizzically and said "No, I was in Norfolk". Doh!

I have decided to have a night off work, to vegetate in front of Vexx, and maybe cut Richard's hair. Hopefully I will be able to actually get through college tomorrow without finding that my brain is full by 10.30am (which happened 2 Fridays ago...).

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