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the birthday of the wuzzie

It is Richard's birthday on 9th November. Apparently this is a Sunday, so we're going to celebrate it on the actual day. Details are currently vague on the basis that he's terminally indecisive and I don't have enough spare brain for organising, but the current plan involves dinner at a nice, fairly cheap Italian restaurant near Waterloo station that we go to regularly. People are hereby invited to come to dinner with us. It would be helpful if you could tell me if you plan to come, 'cos I want to book a table. Commenting here is actually the best way of doing that :)

I expect I'll book the table for around 7pm. Not sure what we'll be doing before that. While it would be easier for us to go to a restaurant in Kingston and then wander back home afterwards, the only restaurant near here that everyone likes is Pizza Express, and it's a bugger trying to book a table there. Also, getting to Kingston is less convenient for most people than getting to Waterloo. So we could do something at home in the afternoon for those who can be bothered to come round, and then all troop up to London together, or spend the afternoon doing something in central London. I personally like going to museums, but I have to avoid the temptation to arrange a birthday thing that I'd like rather than something Richard would like ;)

The one museum I know Richard wants to go to is the Type Museum in Stockwell that we keep seeing signposts for, but their web site implies that probably won't be possible. We could also go to either the Museum of London or the British Library (as he's never been to either), or the British Museum (just because he likes it - there doesn't seem to be anything on there that's particularly interesting). Then after dinner we could go to Namco. This is all very subject to change, however. He might be a lot happier just sitting around at home instead of going out somewhere.

Richard says he would like hugs for his birthday. These have the advantage of being affordable to everyone, but the disadvantage of being something he gets a fair number of at other times too. So some other things I have thought of that would make good presents for him are as follows:

(I've provided links to various online shops, but don't feel obliged to buy from them - they're here more for reference than anything else).

Star Wars Lego set number 7139, "Ewok Attack". £10.99. Contains ewoks and Lego, that must be good for a wuzzie!

DVDs he wants for his collection of entirely computer-animated films:
Ice Age (widescreen). Linked at blackstar and amazon.

Final Fantasy - The Spirits Within. (2 disc, widescreen) blackstar and amazon

Antz (he thinks this film's crap but needs it to complete his collection). blackstar and amazon.

Amplitude. He really likes this game, and we could do with owning it. Linked at blackstar and amazon.

Dancing Stage Fever. We already own several other games in the Dance Dance Revolution/Dancing Stage family, so maybe don't need this one as well... at amazon. While I'm unsure whether we need yet another Dancing Stage, we definitely don't need Dance: UK, which features lots of modern pop music. Buying this for Richard will make him growl.

Games I really want and he might enjoy: (well, he liked the first one - he's just being cynical about sequels)
Jak II: Renegade. Linked at blackstar and amazon.

Comment here if you're going to buy any of these so other people know what you're getting. It's quite safe, Richard never reads my LJ unless I tell him to :)

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