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busy, and schedule

I have been home 5 hours, and in that time I've done 4 1/2 hours of catching up with lj and 1/2 hour of eating and cuddling Richard. This seems rather non-optimal, on the basis that there are more piles of books'n'papers in our room than I know what to do with, and random spare bedding from the weekend strewn around the room "airing". (Well, what do you expect when you go away and find you have to go to ?skip=200 before you see stuff you'd seen before?)

Schedule for the next couple of weeks (mainly for my benefit):
Tue 4thschoolfree (get work done!)
Wed 5thschoolfree/panic wildly/work
Thu 6thschoolfree
Fri 7thAPT meeting (Clapham-ish)drunkbisexuals
Sat 8thget work done :( free?
Sun 9thbirthday of wuzziebirthday meal
Mon 10thcollegedelightful biology class!
Tue 11thschoolBisexual Underground, or work :/
Wed 12thschooldentist (eeek!)
Thu 13thschoolfree (GET WORK DONE!!)
Fri 14thschool (I think. Or maybe APT again)drunkbisexuals, presumably
Sat 15thfree atmfree?
Sun 16thget work done?free?

Will be updated as new things occur. Maybe. There are certainly more biology lessons to go into the timetable, but we're not sure yet when they'll be.

Arse, I meant to ring meeping and gerwinium, and it's too late now. Want to do something on Wednesday? I was going to suggest doing something tomorrow, but Tim has college then (I think?). I will be panicking wildly on Wednesday because I have to teach my first class on Thursday (eep eeep eeeeeep!), but we can go out for coffee or non-dairy non-caffeinated beverage of choice and/or dinnner. With three "n"s. I have an Alton Towers wuzzie to give you and also a DISTURBING Japanese magazine to share...

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