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lj posts I have enjoyed recently

Still no time to write something myself. Bah.

You know when someone writes something intensely personal about their own life, but it resonates really strongly with you? See this entry by rivka. My circumstances are different, but... yeah.

This post by lilairen is also fantastic. Especially this subthread. I suppose I should comment in those posts rather than just pointing other people to them, but I don't have enough spare brain energy to say anything other than "*hand flap* seeble". Which lilairen would probably appreciate, actually.

If you want to be amused, see unintentional furry erotica (work-safe, pointed out by mactavish). If you want to read intentionally amusing erotica, see inquis's nanowrimo novel Chapter 1 Chapter 2 (not work-safe).

And finally, Prince Charles: semi-serious discussion and scary speculation. Hrm.

Jealous of everyone who's at Bisexual Underground tonight :/

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