helen-louise (baratron) wrote,

Links of the day.

I have three links of the day today. The first was yesterday's link of the day on User Friendly, but I thought I'd copy it here for the people who don't read UF or aren't up-to-date with it. It's Molecules with silly or unusual names. Tim, beware - this page contains many scary organic molecules! (More scary organic molecules can be found here).

The second is something I saw posted on uk.transport.london. It's a guess the Tube station competition! It's annoying me at the moment because I can't work out which station it is - I've got it down to which line, and I can name several stations it isn't, but not which one it actually is. Bah.

The third was posted on a private message board that I read. It's about Americans and their attitude to the word "fuck" - more specifically, how news organisations reported on a website with a rude name. I'm very amused.

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