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cutest band by far

Went to see freezepop on Thursday. I don't have coherent words to describe it. Just that was fucking amazing!!

I'm sure people see me blethering about bands and just switch off, but... I honestly don't think I've been to a gig that good ever. I already knew I really liked freezepop's songs (they have intelligent lyrics and are so insanely bouncy and catchy that you can sing along after one listen. If I feel like shit, I stick on "freezepop forever", and the likelihood is I'll be feeling better by the fourth song. If I listen to the whole album when I'm already happy, there's a danger I'll get seriously over-perked - a concept most of my friends find amusing until they actually witness it :) ). But I didn't know what they were like live. How could I - they've never played in the UK before?

So you go to see a synthpop band with three members - what do you expect to see? Everyone standing rigidly behind their equipment - maybe even hiding, and barely moving? That's what the other bands last night did. freezepop on the other hand bounced onto the stage, then didn't stop moving - the energy that came off them was colossal. And this despite visible jet-lag!

My God. I think they might just be my new favourite band. I feel a bit guilty about displacing The Wildhearts, but I'm poly, I can love more than one ;)

< perv > Oh, and I want hypermallard and kasson to get together and make cute spiky-haired babies. Don't care if it's biologically impossible as long as I can watch them trying ;)< /perv >

eeee! Downloads!

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