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schedule and blether

Still alive. Guts direly evil. Peppermint oil seems to be having no effect on them other than giving me a funny burning pain for several hours, and the list of foods I can eat without evilness occurring is now so ridiculously small as to be unhealthy. I have a doctor's appointment booked for Tuesday. I'll point out that he hasn't seen me in nearly six months, so I must be almost healthy. I think this may help my request for anti-gut-evilness drugs.

Exciting plans for this week:
Mon 8th - Hand in SER, biology lesson, then vegetating in front of the Playstation.
Tue 9th - Doctor, then Bisexual Underground with Alexa. With any luck we'll actually get there this month!
Wed 10th - School science department Christmas meal. At Pizza Express!
Thu 11th - Spending the day visiting my Phase B school (i.e. where I'll be next term). No plans for the evening.
Fri 12th - Dunno. Hopefully vegetating.
Sat 13th - No plans? Christmas shopping I guess. Looking for houses!
Sun 14th - wuzzie paintballing, so I want people to come round...

3200 words of SER done, ~1500 to go.

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