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updated my interests (if you care)

Just updated my interests. I knocked off silliness, thrill rides, Terry Pratchett, usenet and "power puff girls". I figured I don't actually like silliness that much, thrill rides are covered by rollercoasters (there's very few non-rollercoaster thrill rides that I like), I've got a bit bored with Terry Pratchett's work, and haven't been on usenet in ages. I still have PowerPuff Girls punctuated correctly, though. I'd have a lot more space for interests if I didn't have Efexor written three different ways, and three different ways of pluralising octopus. But those interests are important enough that I want people to be able to find me. (I still regret having to get rid of "glbt" and "blgt" to make more room!).

In case you care, I've added hyperventilation, irritable bowel syndrome, Kasson Crooker, Skippy peanut butter and spiky haired boys. (Actually, I think the last three items in that list could make up a rather good sexual fantasy - as long as the first two weren't anywhere near!!)

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