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someone buy me a couple of yards of hosepipe, I'm going to throw these intestines out

Sitting at home feeling very sorry for myself. I have the IBS FROM HELL at the moment, and it's partly my fault. It always plays up when I have a period. However this month I had agonising menstrual cramps as well as IBS cramps - despite me avoiding all of my period pain trigger foods for a couple of days before my period was due. <sarc> Hooray </sarc>. Now, among the many things I had to discuss when I went to the doctor last week, I described the weird reactions I'd had the last couple of times I took ibuprofen. He said it really does sound like aspirin sensitivity, which is what I'd been fearing. Apparently there's no simple test for it because it's not a normal immune system response, so what I have to do now is completely avoid aspirin derivatives. Hooray, again: because aspirin derivatives are the only things which actually seem to help a lot of my pain.

So when I woke up at 5am in agony and raspberry leaf didn't touch it, I took paracetamol and codeine (because it was that or scream for a couple of hours). I completely forgot what I'd read only last week about the effect of codeine on irritable guts. What transpired was that mebeverine (IBS medicine) + a couple of doses of codeine turned out to be a very bad combination, slowing my poor guts down to a standstill. Thus large amounts of gas built up and I was kept awake literally for half the night by The Pain and The Farting. And as fellow sufferers will know, IBS farting isn't like a normal person who's had too many beans, it's closer to chemical warfare. So I feel nauseated from both internal and external gut evilness. Waah.

Supposed to be at college, but I think the combination of hardly any sleep and a really anti-social illness is a good enough excuse (honestly, this morning I couldn't bear the thought of having to sit in a room with other people who know me and try not to fart), and now I'm trying to get myself motivated to sort out the lessons I'm supposed to be teaching tomorrow, but I just want to curl up and cry. I'm probably depressed because of low light levels and because my guts are being evil, and also worry and guilt about family stress I'll write about elsewhere.

Need lots of *hugs* (from a safe distance).

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