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introspective, but not necessarily in a bad way

Having a tremendously lazy life at the moment. I've been needing this holiday since before my course started. So I've been doing not much, just shopping, eating, playing video games and sleeping. Lots of sleeping, but not necessarily at normal times. I'm somewhat concerned by how easily I've gone back to being nocturnal. Going back to 6.50am wakeups is going to be hard - especially as the school I'm going to this term starts at 8.30, so I have to be there by 8... As predicted, I have spent vast amounts of time playing Pokemon Sapphire. 13.5 hours, the file claims - but that doesn't include all the time I spent doing things wrong and Not Saving. Ah well. Hey, there are worse things to be addicted to :) Also been doing a bit of Sims-ing and HP-ing. I think I need to start my vast quantity of work tomorrow... :/

Just caught up with 200 entries on my Default View. Dunno when I'll get round to catching up with everyone else. It seems not many people are around at the moment. I was going to sulk that hardly anyone has commented on my journal lately, but then I saw that quite a few people have written long thoughtful entries in their journals and got no comments either, so... Dunno whether I'll do that "things that have happened in 2003" survey - while on the one hand tons of good things have happened this year, on the other hand it seems far too close to actually celebrating the change of date, which isn't what I do. Hrm.

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