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50 dots per minute!

I have the afternoon off. It's soo nice to have some time to catch up with all the parts of my life that have been neglected in a frantic rush to get work finished and look at houses. This evening I am going to... look at more houses, but until then I have a couple of hours to do nothing very important, like laundry and livejournal. And eat my cinnamon pretzel. Still have tons of work to do, but none of it's horrible burning urgent, so as long as I keep at it...

I discovered yesterday that Richard somehow has managed to become an engineer without ever having encountered a ticker timer. This seems profoundly wrong. Thus, we must have A Poll to determine the probability of this event!

Poll #230245 The Ticker Timer Conundrum!

Do you know what a ticker timer is?

Of course.
Vaguely... something to do with physics.
I think I might have once, but I don't anymore.
We didn't have them at my school, but I know what they are.
Never heard of them in my life.

Go on then, what is it?


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