helen-louise (baratron) wrote,

newsflash: 6.30am starts mean I'm knackered in the evening

Today I was actually quite awake when I got home and I thought "hooray, if I go home and post to lj before I read it, I might actually get all the posts in my head written down!". Then I got sucked into reading Richard's Big Book O'DIY for a couple of hours (why?!) and am now ready for bed. Hrm.

Today a Year 11 kid (age 15-16) asked me how old I was, and when I said that was a personal question asked me if I was married, and when I said that was even worse he asked if I had kids. I asked why he wanted to know, and he said if I had a daughter he was interested (!). I am really not sure whether or not to take this as a compliment. I mean, I'm 27...! I know I have one white hair that I'm lovingly cultivating, but still. I suppose this is the opposite extreme to going into a school with a sixth form and being mistaken for a student, although I'm sure that will happen too. Bah.

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