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Are you a miserable ovoid creature?

For everyone who's ever had to take antidepressants, and particularly those who have had all the "fun" side-effects: Are you a miserable ovoid creature? (Flash animation, contains sound). It seems to be capable of cheering me up no matter how crap I feel, which has to be good.

See, in a normal brain, happy little serotonin bubbles fly around, having a great time. This prevents you from sinking into a bottomless pit of despair and anguish because the emptiness and futility of modern life is destroying your soul.

But you don't have a normal brain. You've got a pathetic mutant brain full of flaccid nerves that are no good for anything.


I'm certain that the author's intention is to mock the way psychiatric medicines are marketed (particularly in the US, where it's legal to market prescription drugs directly to patients) rather than the people who have to take them, but I thought I should explicitly tell you that in case anyone's having an over-sensitive day :)

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