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even MORE livejournal geekery!

I'm happy. I started reading the suggestions community, and discovered that something I was going to suggest has already been suggested and already possible (thanks to thegreatdark for that). So I spent some time this morning fiddling with my friends groups at http://www.livejournal.com/friends/editgroups.bml. This took much longer than it should have done because javascript is evil. After Netscape crashed on me twice whilst fiddling with the above page, I tried Internet Explorer on the laptop. That crashed three times, but eventually did what I wanted ;)

So now I have two separate friends pages: one for actual people and one for spammy communities. So now I can see what my friends are doing without being utterly swamped in communities stuff. Hooray!

Javascript's evil, though. Anything that makes both Netscape and Internet Explorer crash repeatedly has to be.

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