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How many states do you know?

Richard and I were watching an episode of "Friends" in which they play a game where you have to name as many states of the USA as you can in 6 minutes. So we decided to have a go at this ourselves. Between us, we managed 41 states, which I don't think is bad for non-Americans. (How many Americans could name all the member states of the EU?).

The ones we missed were Connecticut, Idaho, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Wisconsin. Well, I didn't even know there _was_ a West Virginia - but the others, I just forgot.

We wondered if the ones we'd forgotten were clustered together. I'm pretty sure I know more about the coasts than the middle, for example. So I downloaded a map of the USA and coloured in the states according to whether we'd known them or not. Here it is:

Purple means that we both remembered it, blue means only Richard remembered it, green means only I remembered it and yellow states were the ones we both forgot.

Isn't that interesting? :)

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