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he, she, it is nauseated

Blargh. I have mostly got rid of my cold now. But I've been left with rumbly guts from hell and near-permanent nausea. I can eat ginger biscuits, and not a lot else. Blech. It used to be the case that after having a cold, I'd have horrible asthma for a week or two. Now, my asthma & allergy stuff is fairly well-controlled - so I get horrible IBS instead. Somehow, I don't see this as an improvement...

House stuff rumbles on. Tonight I am hoping to be well enough to go to Ikea. We are going to look at furniture for the house and NOT BUY ANY. This is because we see no point in buying large items to clutter up our already-cluttered flat, which we will have to move to the new place ourselves, when we can just hold off and have them delivered to the new place. Hrm. We are planning to buy a monstrous saucepan (10l!) and a few other bits of kitchenware, but hopefully these will not multiply to the point where we end up spending £200 anyway. We are fortunately now armed with the IKEA walkthrough, so this should help...

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