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lack of phone line problem

Argh! We have no home phone line, for reasons unknown. Although it affects (at the very least) everyone in our block who uses BT, said company have, in their infinite wisdom, told us it will be "up to 5 days" before it can be fixed. So alarm and calamity. Not that I could care less about receiving voice calls (anyone who actually wants to get hold of us will ring our mobiles anyway), but cutting us off from the internet is like cutting us off from TV, the public library and the pub all at the same time! Argh!

Anyway, miraculously!, for some strange reason, we still have internet connectivity. While I understand it is possible for the voice part of the line to be broken but the ADSL part to work, it seems wrong somehow. And I'm expecting at any minute for the ADSL to die as well (maybe if an overenthusiastic BT engineer decides to try "rebooting" the line but doesn't do it properly?). So if you don't hear from me for the next n days, that'll be why.

Did I already say argh? Argh!

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