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no useful updates here

Some people are probably reading my journal hoping for an update about my colleague's baby. The problem is, I can't give you an update because I don't know myself. The school term has finished, so we're all a bit out of the loop for a couple of weeks. I don't know Franklin well enough to ring up and ask (to say nothing of if it was bad news) and with Carmen (his twin sister, who I do know quite well) having rushed back to South Africa, I can't find out from her. I will continue to think good thoughts because they are probably still needed, and tell you more news when I know it. The baby's name is, btw, Keziah - I'm not sure about the spelling.

Some people have asked where I've been lately. I will spare you from the not-literally-true disgusting mental image I came up with and tell you the truth. I've been dealing with unpleasant personal stuff. Some of it is now sorted, some of it will not be sorted completely... for months. Cryptic, I know, but that's the best you get in a public entry.

Or even in a friends-only entry, because the reason I haven't been talking about it is that I haven't felt up to talking about it. But I'm still alive, which is the main thing, I think.

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