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Be thankful I am only addicted to video games.

Happy birthday inquis and hiddenpaw!

I rather fear you're not going to see much of me for a few more weeks. Richard & I went shopping yesterday to try to buy people birthday presents, and we ended up spending £60 on two DVDs, a CD and a game for ourselves. Oops. The game is Pokemon Channel, and the FAQs for it on GameFaqs are pretty lousy - so I'm writing one myself. Oh, just imagine what my life would be like if I had an addictive personality!

The biggest irony is that the game is also pretty lousy - but European Pokemon addicts have no choice but to complete it so they can get the free download of Jirachi, one of the two pkmn in Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire that can't be caught by normal means. I think we have it hard. All Americans had to do was to preorder Pokemon Colosseum, and they got Jirachi on disc! Humph.

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