helen-louise (baratron) wrote,

give credit where credit's due

And while I'm ranting (was I?), I'd like to complain about Harry Potter 3. Specifically that Richard has been working hideously long hours the past three or four weeks on it, and he's probably not even going to get his name in the credits! Apparently the producer at his company has decided that no one in Technical Services or Data Ops counts. Oh, right, that's why Richard was at work until gone midnight the other night making sure it copied onto film ok. I'd like to see anyone do CGI without someone to maintain the computers. Huh.

Well, at least he got to see it on Thursday. But still, huh. Not least of all because I'd like to be able to boast about it. I'll have to remain content with the fact that someone Richard used to live with was credited as "Creature Technical Director" on LOTR 3.

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