helen-louise (baratron) wrote,

going to America

Would you believe I'm currently running ~11 days behind on lj entries? Yep, the thing I'm about to post is something I wrote ... on 1st April. Oh well.

I am going to alt.polycon 11. Got flights last week, have been sorting out hotel stuff, have just sent membership money. So I guess it's official. Can't stay in the US very long at all because of job stuff and mother stuff, but I've arranged things so I get 2 days in Seattle before going to Colorado. Here is my itinerary:

  • Arrive at Seattle/Tacoma International airport on Tuesday 20th April, arriving around 19:30 local time.
  • Stay with jinian. Do fun stuff with cool people.
  • Leave Seattle/Tacoma International airport on Friday 23rd April at 08:00. Go to Denver. Go from there to Colorado Springs, arriving around 13:15.
  • Stay in Colorado Springs for the whole of alt.polycon.
  • Leave at lunchtime on Monday 26th April & fly to Chicago. I've arranged it so I have 6 hours inbetween flights in Chicago in case that's enough time to see anyone - I get in at 15:00 and leave again at 21:25.

When I say "cool people" and "anyone", that means anyone who's reading this... I've made some attempt to get hold of Seattleites but I think some of you have broken email again (elynne?), and I'm not honestly sure who lives in or near Chicago. It's a stupidly short trip, but I couldn't stand the thought of missing yet another alt.polycon, and I can't really be away for much longer at the moment :/

So who am I going to see? Let me know!

And before I forget - is there anything anyone wants me to bring over with me? (Books, CDs, etc). griffen, don't say mhw - I don't think he'd like 13 hours in the cargo bay (I'm not sure if it even has enough air for humans) ;)

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